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BP 90
Project by FuGa_ Officina dell’Architettura
Architect Francesco Ursitti
Interior Design
Private Assignment, Milan, Italy, 2007

The project derives from a desired mutation of the typological-housing where social habits have always developed.
All the changes brought by contemporaneousness in the use and private spaces engender unconsciously shared adjustments at the mean time not organized.
The powerless of inhabiting a vital space due to never ending pressure imposed by our society leads us to reject most of what remains beyond the spatial edge able to divide, at least physically, this dualism.
The endless research of change could become reason of experimentation; between the public and private space is a hybrid space where the society and individuals get together. However, in this situation, the individual has a dependable position: the private space welcomes the public space and manages organization patterns.
The space is free from dimensional restrictions because the investigated element is people’s life inhabiting this place. The result obtained through this possessiveness is the creation of a macro_system, a place like a theatre where everything seems to be a stage which allows new and changing scenograpghies as the same that occurs in the society here “trapped”.
The illusion realized in this “laboratory” could have also some therapeutic or instructive features; a provocation with absolutely subjective answers only.
Parallel everyday lives are realized next to the habits of our everyday life.
Public perception becomes something monitored; the threshold that today divides our private space is bigger and from a mere line becomes a liveable, walkable, and tangible space as if we would have daily déjà-vu.