FuGa_ officina dell’architettura is a laboratory of research and compositional experimentation founded in 2007.
Today is run by the architect Ursitti Francesco (04/23/1976).
He completed his education at Milano’s Polytechnic College of Architecture and presented a thesis called “Along the great canal: a museum of the territory”, which has been awarded several times and gained a number of merits.
He got involved in several design workshops, theoretical conferences and expositions. Then, after some fruitful professional experiences within famous offices of architecture, he started up his own free lance profession as an architect.
Today, the office is supported by several available freelancers and relies upon a theoretical and technical advisory system that covers different
themes and subjects.

The business is devoted to observation, screening, philosophical-conceptual criticism and physical-spatial research in a way that provides a vision of architecture as a process and a strategy for space’s prediction, transformation and utopia.
Architecture is considered as a comprehensive discipline able to get logic of operations from different domains. These domains do not exorcize the consumer and the global information society but obtain from it huge opportunities and ideas.

The office deals with systems that go beyond the urban macro-structure and the micro-element of furniture product; it makes use of contemporary languages and pays attention to public and social issues with related “contaminations”.
The office develops local systems and design activities for public and private customers.
It participates and is invited to national and international design competitions, workshops and seminars gaining recommendations and awards.
The office’s works are shown in national and international exhibitions and published in the major magazines of architecture.

Collaborators since 2007
Pasquale Gallo (partner until 2010), Erika Nazaro, Alessandra De Bastiani Menna, Elisa Mansutti, Giusi Lo Guasto, Riccardo Palmieri, Demetrio Calabrò, Fabrizio Noto, Michele Cornelli, Giulia Bonzanni.