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KN 26
Project by FuGa_ Officina dell’Architettura
Architect Francesco Ursitti
Kitesurf School Center
Private Assignment, Boavista, Capoverde, 2009

26 knots of wind mean to experience this sport between adrenaline and dream. They mean intense mutation
of conditions and feelings. To listen to the growing wind until it stabilizes is an absorbing moment that each kiters live by his-self. The waiting moment is broken by vibrant whooshes: a strong southwest wind, the Northwest wind or the Sirocco wind start the game!! It is the beginning; the sails are hoisted and swollen and conceited draw nice movements up in the sky.
To think about a sound structure able to enhance this sport means to succeed in communicating such feelings. It means to show and use all the ingredients allowing human beings to interact and permeate the environment. It means to have the intuition that ground earth, air and water merge together in one element: the fire.
Therefore the structure is a container able to receive, store and process. The Structure is produced by all elements therefore it becomes an element it-self.
Shaped and cherished by the wind the structure evolves when it is water, changes when it is air, becomes ground earth or renew it-self as fire.
The aim is to mould fresh atmosphere through spatial changes capable of supporting or countering situation, and making new ones, always different.
We have unveiled territory certainties: by riding the wave of the moment, catching wind, observing the sun, running through dunes.
We have freed all forces and untied the needed tangles to give shape to unknown compositions.
What we want to transmit is the essence of the structure together with its genesis of growth and transformation.
As metaphor of a living and complex system, the architecture is composed of two main parts an immobile and a mobile one.
The immobile part is a trajectory, a vector molded by an inner, relative and virtual movement.
The mobile part, made of additional cells, is an unconditioned, unlimited, absolute, free, and real movement.
The function is opposed as well, the immobile part is a private part and the mobile one is a collective one and it receives and assists users.
The mobile cells in a closed structure defend the privacy, and give the sense of a solid and secure presence.
During the beginning of activities, the system awakes, does mutations and movements capable of freeing and pandering.
In this way, the interactive game begins.