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Project by FuGa_ Officina dell’Architettura
Architect Francesco Ursitti
Interior Design
Private Assignement, Milan, Italy, 2016
Photographer Ursitti Francesco

Tame the cage, its rigid grid, re-functionalizing its limits, its boundaries, its space.
The pulsating heart of the home, of its shape, of its dialogues, establishes new relationships, new relationships.
Like a fence, it guards and imprisons, separating the sacred and the profane.
Space opens up to hybridization, to discovery. It becomes permeable.
Inserted in a continuous space Domestic cage finds its complete expressive dimension.
The zero degree, the approximation of its lines, its clarity, its emptiness.
It invades the surroundings, and with its shape it builds a story.
A line, two, three, five, become one thing, a story.
A wonderful, elegant line.
It could be white, but it’s black.