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Ay 03
Project by FuGa_ Officina dell’Architettura
Architect Francesco Ursitti
Illy Coffee Bar
International competition, Milan, Italy, 2007

The space-time representation we have investigated arises from the symbolic image of the coffee bean.
This kind of atom moulds and completes its-self in the nature defining an organic area.
A shelter limited by a mysterious, magic, obscure and slightly worrying atmosphere but able to provoke curiosity and provocation.
This is the reason of choosing the very central Milan area “Parco Semprione”, crossed by the urban road connecting “Castello Sforzesco” to “Arco della Pace”.
The open air space becomes reason of emphasis; architectural introspection becomes stronger and emphasizes its relationship with the Park without any negation.
The bean wants to be a virtual living room for time-space abstractions.
In this way instant moments of daily life become new means for discovery and feelings.
Noises, sounds, smells, movements and reflections are absorbed and reflected by the space around and then decoded through other feelings.
The emphasis of these elements intensifies the coffee bar life, determining its dynamics which is always different and complex.
Thanks to vibrations and movement new correspondences are radiated.
Walls, ceiling, floor are spreader of images and sounds which react with different propagator speed.
They tell all the moments connected with the ritual of taking a coffee, starting from coffee processing to the culture which developed, by the time, around this moment of social life in different countries.
Later on, everything becomes play, meeting and socialization.
The intake of this flavor takes place through the sitting element. A pillow to put freely on the ground, characterizes the tasting.
Fitting as in a puzzle it enhances human relations, closeness and a deeper sensitivity to knowledge and exchange awareness.
This is the most interesting way of taking a good coffee in this room: sitting, almost laying down and absorbing everything the room wants to transmit us.
After, more dynamically, we stand up and walk around this virtual exhibition. Then, even more rapidly, a very fast cup of coffee is taken from the counter. The counter becomes an interactive point which shows the features of the bar in the whole.
Enjoy your coffee!
And see you at the “Caffeina d’Europa”