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Project by FuGa_ Officina dell’Architettura
Architect Francesco Ursitti
Research Project, Public Skyscraper
International Competition, Milan, Italy, 2011

Large cities with no gaze, made of raw society and bare spaces.
Scenarios of sick cities under siege.
Large cities about to explode, made of junk buildings and landfills of garbage.
Places where instant pleasure, advertising and shopping centres rule.
It is time to rethink the orgy of ghosts produced.
It is time to design a project with other connections… without complications, but with the objective of understanding.
We are looking for the other space; the different one. The non-existent, invisible space we imagine that we desire.
The space bordering the distance till the depth is vacant; the space of absence.
X city is a mega structure that collects all urban, territorial and social problems, coding them and resolving them.
X city is the space of transformation where discomfort is imprisoned and energy freed.
It is the shock treatment.
It is the shocking event, it is the remedy to social confusion.
It is the border of an endless confrontation; it is the incentive for future dimensions and evolutionary processes.
X city welcomes the society which wants to know, observe, deepen and be guided to aid one to direct and manage.
X city is a giant machine for the production of social conditions.
It is the architecture of the freed society, which after being liberated from absolute principles organizes itself on a free, and homogeneous space where hierarchy or spatial figurations do not exist.
X city abolishes all shapes, resets the space, empties and undresses it making it infinitive and indefinite like a neutral field ready to proceed toward new possible ways of living.
This is the only way through which the space find again its balance and by instituting more interrelations transforms itself in a stable structure.
X city is a shape only in its conceptual provocation, its inner part is neutral, empty, it is zero. It does not suggest actions. It awaits for automation.
X city is factory of energies, experiments and researches.
X city is a giant pointform network that will burst into the cities, will reach megalopolis and its financial and political districts, marginalized suburbs, public and private areas.
Here it will sense all needs of contemporary mankind.
X city will not be able to predict new conquests and defeated spaces but it will surely be the manifestation of the contemporary city-society.