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Recinti Domestici
Project by FuGa_ Officina dell’Architettura
Architect Francesco Ursitti
Interior Design.
Private Assignement, Milan, Italy, 2015.
Photographers Stefano Bernardoni, Francesco Ursitti

Domestic fences tries to look at architecture restarting from an interior space, from a daily space perspective.
Domestic fences doesn’t withdraw internally but choose a closer point of observation in order to examine how the relation between man and domestic tools is transforming us.
Domestic fences explores the visceral revolution of the residential subsystems, flexible and adaptable to the sudden social changes’ process.
Subsystems that are imperfect, incomplete, flexible, reversible, changeable. Able to insert themselves in the transformation process.
Domestic fences analyzes no longer closed boundaries, but open filters, abstract and instable fences, made of experiences and exchanges. It analyses the hybrid space, never complete.
Domestic fences is a productive and educational space that contains in the “Fences” definition, all the transient strength of the spatial transformation.