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Project by FuGa_ Officina dell’Architettura
Architect Francesco Ursitti
Product Design, Pouf
Private Assignment, Milan, Italy, 2007

Puzz_le aims at being a social element, an instrument of our body, and a piece of a complex living system.
 It seems to be a micro-environment, self-organizing able to create interactive relationships. Puzz_le wants to be ironic, to criticize, provoke and excite the metaphor of our society being it always unforeseeable, unsecure and unexpected.
Puzz_le is a signal, a link, an embrace, it is departure, and waiting.
 It is shape.
It is play and culture. 
It is meeting and rest. 
It is renewal, it is transformation.
Puzz_le interprets and confines its inner soul as place.
With a strong communicative design, puzz_le evokes a personality and subjective interests suggesting exchanges. 
Puzz_le suggests new way of interaction. It organizes programs and orders.
 It contradicts and takes issue with the traditional idea of sitting enhancing fantasy, invention, abstraction to render entertaining each environment. 
It listens, tells, and experiences same places and moments. Puzz_le rediscovers the street and the city. Puzz_le emerges from hiding, invades and gets possession of the public’s atmosphere. This is what puzz_le wants to be for the society. Try it!!!