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Su questa scala bisogna un po’ perdersi

Project by FuGa_ Officina dell’Architettura

Architect Francesco Ursitti

Interior design

Private assignment, Milan, Italy, 2019


A barely designed space, few lines, a simple stage.

A somewhat closed image, a little dilated.

An image, where signs in conflict with each other, make up a profound whole.

A lyrical aspect, lights, shadows.

A perfect dualism between negative and positive, between what there is to see and what must be hidden.

A dualism between reality and fiction.

A dualism between what is in front and what is behind, behind and not only behind, behind.

A dualism between complex social tensions and a simple ghost.

A work of subtle, almost alchemical relationships, in search of that mysterious balance between our interiority and what is around us.

A work that remains on a language that asks questions.

A job that has the conviction of never giving solutions.

This already seems to me a good form of response.

To each his own way.

Only then can we get lost a little on this scale …

Only then can we find ourselves a little bit on this scale …

In the verticality of its liquid space, in its solid horizontal surfaces.

In his unfinished, made of additions, new looks, new thoughts.

In his slight folly, with his eyes closed.

In its naive simplicity, with open eyes.

One step down, one step up, and everything is chasing …

Suspended moments.

A happy step, a moment of pause.

Silence is subtle, the border blurred.

Tremor, calm, gravity of bodies.

A container of meanings, somewhere else.